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Microsoft Office Word 2010 CBT Training

Microsoft Office Word 2010 CBT Training
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Sign up for our courses taught by industry experts when it's convenient for you, and you'll never miss a class or lecture again. You control when you complete classes. We recruited industry-recognized Office trainers to assist us design and create premier certification and training programs.

This complete course provides instruction in all the features and functions of Microsoft Word 2010. It begins with simple concepts and slowly progresses to advanced ones. Following a brief summary of Word's window features, students are taught how to navigate through documents and utilize the help system. Following this introduction, they're taught how to edit content, save documents, and improve a document's appearance by utilizing formatting options. Additionally, they'll learn how to insert footers and headers, create tables, place graphics in documents, and print finished documents.

Students are also taught how to create outlines, utilize the Navigation pane, print envelopes and labels, format tables, and design visually appealing documents with columns, sections, graphics, and styles. During the class, students will also learn about web features, document revision, and document templates.


  • 3 DVD-ROMs that feature instruction from industry specialists, video, audio, and live demonstrations
  • Printable course materials
  • LearningZone Live Mentor Click for Details. ($695 Value) You'll never have to wait for help again! Exclusive LearningZone - Chat online with Certified Instructors from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day
  • Learn solutions to problems you'll frequently encounter at work
  • 1 year upgrade policy for free


Tracy Berry - Has worked as a web and graphic design specialist for over 15 years. She has developed content using Adobe Photoshop for commercial print companies, but recently she has primarily used it to design websites. Tracy has developed more than 200 websites. During her career, she has learned many tricks to enhance efficiency and productivity. She also specializes in Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and numerous Macromedia products. In fact, Tracy has utilized Adobe and Macromedia products from their inception. Throughout her career, she has developed content utilizing various products for all kinds of clients. 


  • Main Menu
    The organized and effective structure enables users to browse through hours of comprehensive content rapidly and with ease.
  • PowerPoint
    PowerPoint presentations improve instruction by displaying all types of information for users. They can better comprehend material by viewing graphs, definitions, charts, etc.
  • Exclusive Learning Zone
    Train anywhere in the world at any time. Certified online instructors are situated at international support centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore to offer support and answer technology-related questions 24 hours a day. In other words, no matter where you live, you can communicate with specialists at any time. This level of interaction between instructors and students makes it possible for students to get answers to specific questions at their convenience.
  • Controls
    Move ahead, review, or repeat previous topics and sections. A progress bar monitors progress as you complete exercises.                          
  • Full Motion Video
    Every course offers full-motion videos of classroom instruction. It's as if you're sitting in a classroom. Our one of a kind delivery mimics a one-on-one classroom setting for more personalized educational experiences.
  • Study Guides
    Users can print entire course study guides, permitting them to view and review course material at their convenience.
  • Review Exercises
    Every section contains a review quiz to assist and enhance learning by testing whether students comprehend course concepts before moving forward.
  • Resume
    Every course resumes where you finished during the previous session in case you forget where you stopped.
  • Live Demonstrations
    Instructors provide live and "hands on" demonstrations to explain and show users how to complete tasks. This enables users to witness professionals perform everyday tasks in real world settings as often as they like.
  • Certificate of Completion
    We are internationally recognized for our technology-centered IT training programs. Once you finish a program, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion. 


Unit 01 - Getting Started

Topic A: The Word Window
The Word 2010 Window
Demo - A-1: Starting Word and Exploring the Program Window

Topic B: New Documents
Word 2010 Templates
Demo - B-1: Creating a Document
Nonprinting Characters
Demo - B-2: Entering Text and Displaying Nonprinting Characters
File Type Options
Demo - B-3: Saving a Document by Using the Save Command
Demo - B-4: Saving a Document in a New Folder
Save Options
Demo - B-6: Closing a Document and Closing Word
Demo - B-7: Renaming a Folder

Topic C: Word Help
The Word Help Window
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 - Navigation and Selection Techniques
Topic A: Document Navigation
Recent Documents
Demo - A-1: Opening a Document
Scrollbar Components
Demo - A-2: Using Scrollbars and Zoom Options
Using a Split Window
Demo - A-3: Moving in a Document
The Go To Tab
Demo - A-4: Using the Go To Command to Move to a Specific Page
Demo - A-5: Using the Select Browse Object Button
Demo - A-6: Using Print Layout View
Full Screen Reading View
Demo - A-7: Using Full Screen Reading View

Topic B: Selection Techniques
Select Text with the Mouse
Demo - B-1: Using the Mouse to Select Text
Select Text with the Keyboard
Demo - B-2: Using the Keyboard to Select Text
Demo - B-3: Using the Selection Bar to Select Text
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 - Editing Text
Topic A: Working with Text
Deleting Text
Demo - A-1: Inserting and Deleting Text
The Date and Time Dialog Box
Demo - A-2: Inserting a Date and Time
Demo - A-3: Inserting a Symbol

Topic B: The Undo and Redo Commands
The Redo and Repeat Buttons

Topic C: Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text
The Clipboard Task Pane
The Paste Options Button
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 - Formatting Text
Topic A: Character Formatting
The Mini Toolbar
Demo - A-1: Applying Character Formatting
The Font Dialog Box
Demo - A-2: Using the Font Dialog Box
Demo - A-3: Highlighting Text
Demo - A-4: Using the Format Painter
Demo - A-5: Using Paste Special

Topic B: Tab Settings
Tabs Demo:
 B-1: Examining Tab Stops Demo 
 B-2: Setting and Moving a Custom Tab Stop Demo 
 B-3: Clearing Tabs and Setting Other Types of Tabs Demo
 B-4: Clearing All Tabs The Tabs Dialog Box Demo - B-5: Setting Tab and Leader in the Tabs Dialog Box
Topic C: Paragraph Formatting Paragraph Alignments Demo
 C-1: Applying Paragraph Alignments Borders and Shading Dialog Box Demo 
 C-2: Applying Borders and Shading Demo
 C-3: Adding Bulleted and Numbered Lists Define New Bullet Dialog Box Demo
 C-4: Editing Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Topic D: Paragraph Spacing and Indents Indent Markers Demo
 D-1: Setting Indents Demo
 D-2: Setting a Hanging Indents Demo
 D-3: Setting the Spacing After a Paragraph Line Spacing Demo
 D-4: Setting Line Spacing for a Paragraph
Topic E: Automatic Formatting AutoFormat Options Demo
 E-1: Using AutoFormat to Format Quoted Text
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 - Tables
Topic A: Creating Tables
The Table Gallery
Demo - A-1: Creating a Table
Convert Text to Table Dialog Box
Demo - A-2: Converting Text to a Table

Topic B: Working with Table Content
Moving Within a Table
Demo - B-1: Navigating in a Table
Selecting Elements in a Table
Demo - B-2: Selecting Table Elements
Demo - B-3: Entering Text into a Table
Demo - B-4: Formatting Text in a Table

Topic C: Changing Table Structure
Adding Rows and Columns
Demo - C-1: Adding Rows and Columns
Demo - C-2: Deleting Columns, Rows and an Entire Table
Demo - C-3: Changing the Width of a Column
The Table Properties Dialog Box
Demo - C-4: Aligning a Table
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 - Page Layout
Topic A: Headers and Footers
A Header
Demo - A-1: Creating a Header and Footer
Demo - A-2: Editing Headers and Footers
Demo - A-3: Inserting Page Numbers

Topic B: Margins
Left and Right Margins
Demo - B-1: Using Print Layout View to Adjust Margins
The Margins Tab
Demo - B-2: Changing Margins and Page Orientation
The Line and Page Breaks Tab
Demo - B-3: Applying Text Flow Options

Topic C: Page Breaks
Adding a Manual Page Break
Demo - C-1: Adding and Deleting Manual Page Breaks
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 - Proofing and Printing Documents
Topic A: Checking Spelling and Grammar
Spelling and Grammar
The Thesaurus

Topic B: Using AutoCorrect
Demo - B-1: Examining AutoCorrect
Demo - B-2: Using the AutoCorrect Options Button
The AutoCorrect Dialog Box
Demo - B-3: Adding an Entry to your AutoCorrect List

Topic C: Finding and Replacing Text
The Navigation Pane
Demo - C-1: Using the Navigation Pane to Search for Text
The Replace Tab
Demo - C-2: Replacing Text
Replacing Formatting
Demo - C-3: Replacing Formatting

Topic D: Printing Documents
Print Settings
Unit 07 Review
Unit 08 - Graphics
Topic A: Adding Graphics and Clip Art
Inserting Graphics
Demo - A-1: Inserting a Graphic
Demo - A-2: Inserting Clip Art

Topic B: Working with Graphics
The Wrap Text Menu
Demo - B-1: Controlling Text Flow Around a Graphic
Demo - B-2: Resizing and Rotating a Graphic
Demo - B-3: Adjusting a Picture's Color and Compression
Unit 08 Review
Unit 09 - Styles and Outlines
Topic A: Examining Formatting
The Reveal Formatting Pane
Demo - A-1: Using the Reveal Formatting Pane

Topic B: Creating Styles
The Styles Gallery
Demo - B-1: Applying a Style
The Styles Pane
Creating a Style by Example
Demo - B-2: Creating a Style by Example
Demo - B-3: Basing One Style on Another
Demo - B-4: Controlling Pagination by Using Styles
A Character Style
Demo - B-5: Creating a Character Style

Topic C: Modifying Styles
The Manage Styles Dialog Box
Demo - C-1: Modifying a Style
Overriding a Style
Demo - C-2: Overriding a Style
Demo - C-3: Modifying the Normal Style
Demo - C-4: Exporting a Style

Topic D: Working with Outlines
Outline View
Outline Tools
Demo - D-1: Creating an Outline
Collapsed Outline Levels
Browse Document Headings
Browse Document Pages
Demo - D-2: Organizing an Outline
Demo - D-3: Formatting an Outline
Unit 09 Review
Unit 10 - Sections and Columns
Topic A: Creating and Formatting Sections
Section Breaks
Demo - A-1: Inserting and Deleting Section Breaks
Demo - A-2: Formatting Sections
Linked and Unlinked Headers
Demo - A-3: Inserting Section Headers and Footers
Page Number Format
Demo - A-4: Formatting Section Page Numbers

Topic B: Working with Columns
Single and Multiple Columns
The Columns Dialog Box
Demo - B-1: Formatting Text into Columns
Demo - B-2: Inserting Column Breaks
Unit 10 Review
Unit 11 - Formatting Tables
Topic A: Table Formatting Basics
The Alignment Group
Demo - A-1: Aligning Text in Table Cells
Demo - A-2: Merging Table Cells
Demo - A-3: Splitting Table Cells
Demo - A-4: Changing Text Orientation
Demo - A-5: Changing Row Height

Topic B: Borders and Shading
The Borders Menu
Demo - B-1: Changing Table Borders
Shaded Cells in a Table
Demo - B-2: Shading Table Cells

Topic C: Table Data
The Sort Dialog Box
Demo - C-1: Sorting Table Data
Demo - C-2: Splitting a Table
Demo - C-3: Repeating the Header Row
The Formula Dialog Box
Demo - C-4: Entering a Formula in a Table

Topic D: Table Styles
The Table Styles Gallery
Demo - D-1: Applying Table Styles
Demo - D-2: Using Style Options
The Modify Style Dialog Box
Demo - D-3: Modifying a Table Style
Unit 11 Review
Unit 12 - Printing Labels and Envelopes
Topic A: Labels
The Labels Tab
Demo - A-1: Printing Multiple Labels for a Single Address

Topic B: Envelopes
The Envelopes Tab
Demo - A-2: Printing a Single Envelope
Unit 04 Review
Unit 12 Review
Unit 13 - Templates and Building Blocks
Topic A: Template Basics
Demo - A-1: Using a Template
Demo - A-2: Saving an Altered Template
Demo - A-3: Creating a Document from a User-defined Template
The New Dialog Box
Demo - A-4: Saving a Template in the Templates Folder

Topic B: Building Blocks
The Building Blocks Organizer

Topic C: Document Properties
Restrict Formatting and Editing
Demo - C-1: Protecting a Document
The Document Panel
Demo - C-2: Viewing and Editing Document Properties
Document Statistics
Demo - C-3: Viewing Document Statistics
Unit 13 Review
Unit 14 - Graphics (Intermediate)
Topic A: Creating Diagrams
Choosing a SmartArt Graphic

Topic B: Using the Drawing Tools
Demo - B-1: Drawing a Shape
Pointing within a Shape
Pointing to a Sizing Handle
Pointing to a Rotate Handle
Pointing to an Adjustment Handle
Demo - B-2: Modifying a Shape
Demo - B-3: Inserting a Text Box
Demo - B-4: Formatting Text Boxes
Aligning Items
Demo - B-5: Arranging Multiple Objects
Changing a Shape into Another
Demo - B-6: Changing a Shape into Another Shape

Topic C: Formatting Text Graphically
The WordArt Gallery
Demo - C-2: Inserting and Modifying a Drop Cap
Demo - C-3: Inserting a Pull Quote
Unit 14 Review
Unit 15 - Managing Document Revisions
Topic A: Tracking Changes
Track Changes Options
Tracked Changes
Demo - A-1: Tracking Changes while Editing
Demo - A-2: Reviewing and Accepting Revisions
Multiple Reviewers
Demo - A-3: Viewing Changes by Different Reviewers
Demo - A-4: Restricting Edits to Tracked Changes
Demo - A-5: Managing Multiple Documents Simultaneously
Combining Documents

Topic B: Working with Comments
Unit 15 Review
Unit 16 - Web Features
Topic A: Web Pages
A Title Bar for a Web Page
The Web Options Dialog Box

Topic B: Hyperlinks
The Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box
Demo - B-1: Inserting a Hyperlink to an HTML File
Demo - B-2: Navigating with Hyperlinks
Demo - B-3: Creating a Hyperlink to a Word Document
Unit 16 Review
Unit 17 - Using Mail Merge
Topic A: Form Letters
Demo - A-1: Insert a Field
Demo - A-2: Modifying a Date Field
Form Letter with Merge Fields
Demo - A-3: Specifying a Starting Document and Recipient
The Write and Insert Fields Group
Inserting an Address Block
Demo - A-4: Customizing a Form Letter
Previewing the Letters
Demo - A-5: Merging Recipient List Data with a Form Letter

Topic B: Data Sources for the Recipient List
Create a Recipient List
Mail Merge Recipients
Sort Records
Filter Records

Topic C: Mailing Labels and Envelopes
Label Options
Print Mailing Labels
Unit 17 Review
Unit 18 - Objects and Backgrounds
Topic A: Inserting Content from Other Applications
The Object Dialog Box
Demo - A-1: Inserting an Excel Worksheet
Using Existing Files
Demo - A-2: Inserting an Excel File as a Linked Object
Demo - A-3: Inserting a Chart Based on Excel Data

Topic B: Changing the Document Background
The Fill Effects Dialog Box
Demo - B-1: Adding Background Colors, Fill Effects, and Borders
Demo - B-2: Adding a Watermark
The Themes Gallery
Demo - B-3: Applying Themes
Protecting Document Formatting
Demo - B-4: Protecting a Theme
Setting a Default Theme
Demo - B-5: Setting a Default Theme
Unit 18 Review
Unit 19 - Working with Forms
Topic A: Creating Forms
Types of Forms
A Sample Form
Demo - A-1: Entering Data in a Form
Demo - A-2: Adding Field Labels
The Controls Group
Demo - A-3: Adding Text Content Controls
Demo - A-4: Adding a Drop-Down List to a Form
Demo - A-5: Adding a Date Control

Topic B: Protecting Forms
Protecting a Document
Demo - B-1: Protecting a Form
Unprotecting Forms
Demo - B-2: Removing Protection
The Add Users Dialog Box

Topic C: Sharing and Securing Documents
Digital Signature
Unit 19 Review
Unit 20 - Using Macros
Topic A: Recording and Running Macros
The Record Macro Dialog Box
Macro Tools
Demo - A-1: Recording a Macro
The Microsoft VBA Editor
Demo - A-2: Viewing a Macro Script
Macro Settings in the Trust Center
The Macros Dialog Box
Demo - A-3: Running a Macro

Topic B: Modifying and Deleting Macros
Editing Macros
Demo - B-1: Modifying a Macro
The Organizer Dialog Box
Demo - B-2: Copying a Macro
Deleting a Macro
Demo - B-3: Deleting a Macro
Unit 20 Review
Unit 21 - Customizing Word
Topic A: Customizing the Ribbon
Minimize the Ribbon
Customize the Ribbon
Hide and Remove Tab Elements
Create Tabs and Groups
Reset the Ribbon

Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Adding Buttons to the Toolbar
Demo - B-1: Adding Buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
Rearrange Toolbar Buttons
Demo - B-2: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar Display
Add Macros to the Toolbar
Demo - B-3: Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
Remove Toolbar Buttons
Demo - B-4: Resetting the Quick Access Toolbar

Topic C: Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
Customizing the Keyboard
Reset the Toolbar
Unit 21 Review
Unit 22 - Long Documents
Topic A: Master Documents
Insert a Subdocument
The Outlining Tab
Demo - A-1: Inserting Subdocuments
Master Document View
Collapsed Subdocuments
Demo - A-2: Working in Master Document View
The Subdocument Icon
Demo - A-3: Deleting a Subdocument
Adding a Cover Page
Example of a Cover Page
Demo - A-4: Adding a Cover Page

Topic B: Tables of Contents and Figures
A Table of Contents
The Table of Contents Gallery
Updating the Table of Contents
Demo - B-1: Creating and Modifying a Table of Contents
Demo - B-2: Adding Text to a Table of Contents
Adding a Caption
Demo - B-3: Adding Captions
Generating a Table of Figures
Demo - B-4: Inserting and Updating a Table of Figures

Topic C: Indexes, Bibliographies, and Other References
Marking an Index Entry
Creating an Index
A Generated Index
Creating a Citation
Generating a Bibliography
An MLA-Format Bibliography Entry
Editing Bibliography Sources
Editing Bibliography Sources (Cont)
Marking a Citation
Creating a Table of Authorities
Adding a Footnote

Topic D: Bookmarks and Cross-References
Adding Bookmarks
Demo - D-1: Creating Bookmarks
Navigate to Bookmarks
Demo - D-2: Navigating to Bookmarks in a Document
Delete a Bookmark
Demo - D-3: Deleting a Bookmark
Creating a Cross-Reference
Demo - D-4: Creating a Cross-Reference

Topic E: Web Frames
A Frames Page
Modifying Frames
Unit 22 Review
Unit 23 - XML Features
Topic A: Working with XML
An XML Document with Tags
A Sample XSD File
Attach an XML Schema
Delete an Attached Schema
Demo - A-1: Attaching an XML Schema to a Word Document
Demo - A-2: Applying XML Tags to Content
The XML Options Dialog Box
Schema Validation Errors
XML without a Transform
XML with a Transform
Unit 23 Review
Course Closure

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