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Microsoft Office Excel 2010 CBT Training

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 CBT Training
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Sign up for this course taught by industry experts and you'll never miss a class or lecture since you can complete it when it's convenient for you. We collaborated with premier Office Trainers to help us create a superior certification and training program.


This complete course will familiarize you with every feature and function of Excel 2010. It's designed for users of all skill levels. The class begins with simple concepts before slowly progressing to more difficult ones. Following a brief summary of window features and spreadsheet terms, students are taught how to navigate through workbooks and utilize the help feature. After the introduction, students will learn how to edit content, pictures, formulas, and values and save workbooks in several different formats. Additionally, students will learn how to copy and export data, utilize relative and absolute references, and setup columns, rows, and ranges. Moreover, this course introduces students to basic functions, formatting strategies, charts, and workbook management.


Students will also be taught how to use multiple workbooks effectively, and they'll be shown how to utilize advanced options for formatting and creating backgrounds, outlines, themes, and styles. Students are also shown how to obtain subtotals, create cell names, and create and edit tables. Additionally, this course teaches students how to save their work as web content, edit and place hyperlinks into excel sheets, and transmit workbooks via email. Other course topics include charting strategies, utilizing spark and trend lines, auditing worksheets, securing worksheets, and file sharing.


Before finishing the course, students will learn about advanced formulas and lookup functions, including MATCH, VLOOKUP, and INDEX. They'll also be taught about database functions, including DSUM, data validation, and Pivot Charts and Tables. Students will finish the course with the ability to query external databases, format by using graphics, and record macros. Finally, students will be taught how to utilize Excel's analytical features, including Solver, Goal Seek, and SmartArt graphics.


  • 3 DVD-ROMs that include live demonstrations, video, audio, and courses taught by leading authorities
  • Printable study guides
  • LearningZone Live Mentor Click for Details. ($695 Value)
    Support from experts around the clock! Exclusive LearningZone - Chat online with Certified Instructors 24 hours a day
  • Students are taught how to solve everyday work problems
  • 1 year upgrade policy free of charge


Debbie Fierst - Has taught ColdFusion, Microsoft Project, and Dreamweaver for over 5 years. Debbie has been developing websites since the 90's, developing more than 100 using various technologies, including ColdFusion, HTML, ASP .Net, JavaScript, and XML. She has consulted with large corporations, the National Security Agency, and the Air Force about various project management strategies. Debbie has applied these strategies at her web design company.


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    The organized and effective structure enables users to browse through hours of comprehensive content rapidly and with ease.
  • PowerPoint
    PowerPoint presentations improve instruction by displaying all types of information for users. They can better comprehend material by viewing graphs, definitions, charts, etc.
  • Exclusive Learning Zone
    Train anywhere in the world at any time. Certified online instructors are situated at international support centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore to offer support and answer technology-related questions 24 hours a day. In other words, no matter where you live, you can communicate with specialists at any time. This level of interaction between instructors and students makes it possible for students to get answers to specific questions at their convenience.
  • Controls
    Move ahead, review, or repeat previous topics and sections. A progress bar monitors progress as you complete exercises.                          
  • Full Motion Video
    Every course offers full-motion videos of classroom instruction. It's as if you're sitting in a classroom. Our one of a kind delivery mimics a one-on-one classroom setting for more personalized educational experiences.
  • Study Guides
    Users can print entire course study guides, permitting them to view and review course material at their convenience.
  • Review Exercises
    Every section contains a review quiz to assist and enhance learning by testing whether students comprehend course concepts before moving forward.
  • Resume
    Every course resumes where you finished during the previous session in case you forget where you stopped.
  • Live Demonstrations
    Instructors provide live and "hands on" demonstrations to explain and show users how to complete tasks. This enables users to witness professionals perform everyday tasks in real world settings as often as they like.
  • Certificate of Completion
    We are internationally recognized for our technology-centered IT training programs. Once you finish a program, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion. 


Unit 01 - Getting Started

Topic A: Spreadsheet Terminology
Spreadsheet Components

Topic B: The Excel Environment
Excel Window Components
Enhanced ScreenTips
Demo - B-1: Examining Excel Window Components

Topic C: Getting Help
The Excel Help Window
Demo - C-1: Getting Help with Using Excel

Topic D: Navigating a Worksheet
Worksheet Navigation Methods
Demo - D-1: Navigating a Worksheet
Unit 01 Review
Unit 02 - Entering and Editing Data
Topic A: Entering and Editing Text and Values
Spreadsheet with Text and Values
Demo - A-1: Entering Text and Values
Editing Text and Values
Demo - A-2: Editing Cell Contents
Using AutoFill
Using AutoFill to Fill a Month Series
Demo - A-3: Using AutoFill to Fill a Series

Topic B: Entering and Editing Formulas
Demo - B-1: Creating a Basic Formula
Entering Formulas
Entering Cell References with Mouse
Demo - B-2: Entering Cell References with the Mouse
Demo - B-3: Editing a Formula

Topic C: Working with Pictures
Add an Image to a Worksheet
Worksheet with a Picture
Demo - C-1: Inserting and Modifying a Picture

Topic D: Saving and Updating Workbooks
Saving Workbooks
Demo - D-1: Saving a New Workbook
Saving a Worksheet as a PDF
Demo - D-2: Saving a Worksheet as a PDF File
Demo - D-3: Editing and Updating a Workbook
Unit 02 Review
Unit 03 - Modifying a Worksheet
Topic A: Moving and Copying Data
Moving Data in Worksheets
Demo - A-1: Moving Data in a Worksheet
Copying Data
Demo - A-2: Copying Data in a Worksheet
Moving Data by Dragging It
Copying Data by Dragging It
Demo - A-3: Moving and Copying Data by Using Drag-and-Drop
The Office Clipboard
Demo - A-4: Using the Clipboard Task Pane

Topic B: Moving and Copying Formulas
Relative References
Demo - B-1: Moving a Formula
Demo - B-2: Copying a Formula
Demo - B-3: Using AutoFill to Copy a Formula

Topic C: Absolute and Relative References
Demo - C-1: Observing the Limitations of Relative References
Absolute References
Mixed References
Demo - C-2: Applying Absolute References

Topic D: Inserting and Deleting Ranges, Rows, and Columns
Inserting a Range
Demo - D-1: Inserting a Range of Cells
Inserting Rows or Columns
Demo - D-2: Inserting Rows
Deleting a Range
Demo - D-3: Deleting a Range of Cells
Unit 03 Review
Unit 04 - Functions
Topic A: Entering Functions
Range Reference
The Trace Error Button
Syntax Errors
Demo - A-1: Entering a SUM Function
Demo - A-2: Using the Mouse to Enter a Function Argument
Inserting Functions
Demo - A-3: Inserting a Function

Topic B: AutoSum
AutoSum Button
Demo - B-1: Using AutoSum

Topic C: Other Common Functions
AVERAGE Function
Demo - C-1: Using AVERAGE
MIN Function
Demo - C-2: Using MIN
MAX Function
Demo - C-3: Using MAX
COUNT Function
Demo - C-4: Using COUNT and COUNTA
Unit 04 Review
Unit 05 - Formatting
Topic A: Text Formatting
Demo - A-1: Formatting Text
Selecting a Non-Contiguous Range
Demo - A-2: Formatting a Non-Contiguous Range
Formatting Cells
Demo - A-3: Using the Format Cells Dialog Box to Format Text

Topic B: Row and Column Formatting
Changing Column Widths
Demo - B-1: Changing Column Width and Row Height
Demo - B-2: Applying Color to a Row
The Merge & Center Button
Demo - B-3: Setting Alignment
The Borders Menu
Demo - B-4: Applying Borders to Cell Ranges
Using the Border-Drawing Pencil
Demo - B-5: Using the Border-Drawing Pencil

Topic C: Number Formatting
Number Formatting
Demo - C-1: Using the Number Group to Format Numbers
The Number Tab
Demo - C-2: Exploring the Number Tab

Topic D: Conditional Formatting
Conditional Formatting Menu
New Formatting Rule Dialog Box
Demo - D-1: Creating a Conditional Format
Demo - D-2: Editing and Deleting a Conditional Format

Topic E: Additional Formatting Options
Copying and Clearing Formats
Demo - E-1: Copying Formats
Demo - E-2: Using AutoFill to Copy a Format
Applying a Cell Style
Applying a Table Format
Demo - E-3: Applying Cell and Table Styles
Demo - E-4: Using Find and Replace to Change Formatting
Unit 05 Review
Unit 06 - Printing
Topic A: Preparing to Print
Using the Spelling Checker
Demo - A-1: Checking Spelling in a Worksheet
Using Find and Replace
Demo - A-2: Finding and Replacing Text
Page Layout View
Demo - A-3: Previewing a Worksheet
Topic B: Page Setup Options
Changing Scaling Settings
Demo - B-1: Setting Page Orientation and Scaling
Setting Custom Margins
Demo - B-2: Adjusting Margins
Adding Headers and Footers
Demo - B-3: Creating Headers and Footers

Topic C: Printing Worksheets
When You're Ready to Print…
Printing a Selection
Demo - C-1: Printing a Selected Range
Unit 06 Review
Unit 07 - Charts
Topic A: Chart Basics
Creating a Chart
Demo - A-1: Creating a Chart
Demo - A-2: Moving a Chart Within a Workbook
Chart Elements
Demo - A-3: Examining Chart Elements
Demo - A-4: Creating and Editing a Pie Chart

Topic B: Formatting Charts
Changing the Chart Type
Demo - B-1: Applying Chart Types and Chart Styles
Adding Axis Labels
Demo - B-2: Modifying Chart Elements
Unit 07 Review
Unit 08 - Managing Large Workbooks
Topic A: Viewing Large Worksheets
Freezing Rows and/or Columns
Demo - A-1: Locking Rows and Columns
Splitting a Worksheet into Panes
Demo - A-2: Splitting a Worksheet into Panes
Hiding a Column
Unhiding Columns
Hidden Columns
Demo - A-3: Hiding and Unhiding Columns and Worksheets
Demo - A-4: Minimizing the Ribbon

Topic B: Printing Large Worksheets
Set Print Titles for a Worksheet
Demo - B-1: Setting Print Titles
Page Break Preview
Demo - B-2: Adjusting Page Breaks

Topic C: Working with Multiple Worksheets
Demo - C-1: Navigating Between Worksheets
Renaming a Worksheet
Formatting Worksheet Tabs
Demo - C-2: Naming Worksheets and Coloring Tabs
Inserting a Worksheet
Moving a Worksheet
Deleting a Worksheet
Demo - C-3: Working with Multiple Worksheets
Printing Multiple Worksheets
Demo - C-4: Previewing and Printing Multiple Worksheets
Unit 08 Review
Unit 09 - Using Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
Topic A: Using Multiple Workbooks>
Switch Between Workbooks
Demo - A-1: Switching Between Workbooks
The Move or Copy Dialog Box
Demo - A-2: Copying a Worksheet to Another Workbook

Topic B: Linking Worksheets with 3-D Formulas
Inserting a 3-D Reference
Demo - B-1: Creating 3-D Formulas
Adding a Watch Window
Demo - B-2: Adding a Watch Window/div>

Topic C: Linking Workbooks
Demo - C-1: Examining External Links in a Worksheet
Syntax for External Links
Creating External Links
Demo - C-2: Creating External Link Worksheet
Redirecting Links
Demo - C-3: Editing Links

Topic D: Managing Workbooks
Creating a Workspace
Demo - D-1: Creating a Workspace
Unit 09 Review
Unit 10 - Advanced Formatting
Topic A: Using Special Number Formats
The Format Cells, Number Tab
Demo - A-1: Applying Special Formats
Hiding Zero Values
Demo - A-2: Controlling the Display of Zero Values
Customizing Number Formats
Custom Number Formats
Demo - A-3: Creating Custom Formats

Topic B: Using Functions to Format Text
Text Functions
Demo - B-1: Using PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER
Demo - B-2: Using SUBSTITUTE

Topic C: Working with Styles
The Cell Styles Gallery
Creating Styles
Demo - C-1: Creating and Applying Styles
Modifying Styles
Demo - C-2: Modifying Styles

Topic D: Working with Themes
Theme Colors
Demo - D-1: Changing to a Different Theme
Creating New Theme Colors

Topic E: Other Advanced Formatting
Changing Orientation of Text
Demo - E-1: Merging Cells
Demo - E-2: Changing the Orientation of Text in a Cell
Demo - E-3: Splitting Cells
Transposing Data
Demo - E-4: Transposing Data During a Paste
Adding Backgrounds
Demo - E-5: Adding and Deleting Backgrounds
Adding a Watermark
Demo - E-6: Adding a Watermark
Unit 10 Review
Unit 11 - Outlining and Subtotals
Topic A: Outlining and Consolidating Data
The Expanded Outline Form
The Collapsed Outline Form
Demo - A-1: Creating an Outline
The Consolidate Dialog Box
Demo - A-2: Using the Consolidate Command

Topic B: Creating Subtotals
The Subtotal Dialog Box
Demo - B-1: Creating Subtotals in a List
Demo - B-2: Using Multiple Subtotal Functions
Unit 11 Review
Unit 12 - Cell and Range Names
Topic A: Creating and Using Names
Defining Names
Demo - A-1: Naming and Selecting Ranges
Using Names in Formulas
Demo - A-2: Using Names in Formulas
Using Create from Selection
Demo - A-3: Using the Create from Selection Command
Applying Names
Demo - A-4: Applying Names to Existing Formulas

Topic B: Managing Names
The Name Manager Dialog Box
Demo - B-1: Modifying and Deleting Named Ranges
Creating a 3-D Name
Demo - B-2: Defining and Applying 3-D Names
Unit 12 Review
Unit 13 - Tables
Topic A: Sorting and Filtering Data
Structure of Organized Data
Sorting Data Based on a Cell
Sorting by Multiple Columns
Demo - A-2: Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Demo - A-3: Filtering Data by Using AutoFilter

Topic B: Advanced Filtering
Custom AutoFilter Dialog Box
Demo - B-1: Using Custom AutoFilter Criteria
Creating a Criteria Range
Demo - B-2: Using the Advanced Filter Dialog Box
Copying the Filtered Data

Topic C: Working with Tables
Creating a Table
Demo - C-1: Creating a Table
Demo - C-2: Formatting a Table
Demo - C-3: Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns
Structured References
Demo - C-4: Using Structured References
The [@] Argument
Unit 13 Review
Unit 14 - Web and Sharing Features
Topic A: Saving Workbooks as Web Pages
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Saving a Workbook as a Web Page
Demo - A-2: Saving a Workbook as a Web Page
Publishing a Web Page
The Publish as Web Page Dialog Box

Topic B: Using Hyperlinks
Inserting a Hyperlink
Demo - B-1: Inserting and Editing Hyperlinks

Topic C: Sharing Workbooks
File Save & Send Page Options
Demo - C-1: Examining Workbook Sharing Options
Sharing Workbooks by Email
Unit 14 Review
Unit 15 - Advanced Charting
Topic A: Chart Formatting Options
Format Axis: Axis Options
Demo - A-1: Adjusting the Scale of a Chart
Labeling a Data Point
Demo - A-2: Formatting a Data Point

Topic B: Combination Charts
Combination Chart: Changing Chart Type
Combination Chart: Adding a Secondary Axis
Demo - B-1: Creating a Combination Chart
Adding a Trendline
Demo - B-2: Creating a Trendline
Inserting Sparklines
Sparklines in a Worksheet
Demo - B-3: Inserting Sparklines

Topic C: Graphical Elements
Adding Shapes to Charts
Demo - C-1: Adding Graphical Elements
Formatting Graphical Elements
Demo - C-2: Formatting a Graphical Element
Inserting a Picture from a File
Unit 15 Review
Unit 16 - Documenting and Auditing
Topic A: Auditing Features
Dependent and Precedent Cells
Demo - A-1: Tracing Precedent and Dependent Cells
Tracing Errors in a Worksheet
Demo - A-2: Tracing Errors

Topic B: Comments in Cells and Workbooks
Viewing Comments
Demo - B-1: Viewing Comments in a Worksheet
Adding Cell Comments
Demo - B-2: Adding a Comment to a Cell
The Document Panel

Topic C: Protection
Protecting a Worksheet
Demo - C-1: Password-Protecting a Worksheet
Protecting Parts of a Worksheet
Demo - C-2: Unlocking Cells and Protecting Part of a Worksheet
Using Digital Signatures

Topic D: Workgroup Collaboration
Sharing a Workbook
Demo - D-1: Sharing a Workbook
Share Workbook: Advanced Tab
Tracking Changes
Accepting and Rejecting Changes
Demo - D-3: Tracking Changes in a Workbook
Using the Document Inspector
Marking a Workbook as Final
Demo - D-5: Marking a Workbook as Final
Unit 16 Review
Unit 17 - Templates and Settings
Topic A: Application Settings
The Excel Options Dialog Box
The Customize Ribbon Page

Topic B: Built-in Templates
Available Templates
Using the Sales Invoice Template
Demo - B-1: Using a Downloaded Template

Topic C: Creating and Managing Templates
Creating a Template
Demo - C-1: Creating a Template
Modifying a Template
Demo - C-2: Modifying a Template
Using an Alternate Template Location
Unit 17 Review
Unit 18 - Advanced Functions
Topic A: Logical Functions
The IF Function
Demo - A-1: Using the IF Function
AND, OR, and NOT Functions
Demo - A-2: Using OR, AND, and NOT as Nested Functions
Nested IF Functions
Demo - A-3: Using Nested IF Functions
The IFERROR Function
Demo - A-4: Using the IFERROR Function

Topic B: Math and Statistical Functions
The SUMIF Function
Demo - B-1: Using SUMIF
The COUNTIF Function
Demo - B-2: Using COUNTIF
The AVERAGEIF Function
Demo - B-3: Using AVERAGEIF
The ROUND Function
Evaluate Formula Dialog Box
Demo - B-5: Using ROUND

Topic C: Financial Functions
The PMT Function
Demo - C-1: Using the PMT Function

Topic D: Displaying and Printing Formulas
Displaying Formulas in Cells
Hiding Formulas from Users
Showing Hidden Formulas
Demo - D-1: Showing, Printing, and Hiding Formulas
Unit 18 Review
Unit 19 - Lookups and Data Tables
Topic A: Using Lookup Functions
The HLOOKUP Function
The VLOOKUP Function
Demo - A-1: Examining VLOOKUP
VLOOKUP for Exact Matches
Demo - A-2: Using VLOOKUP to Find an Exact Match
VLOOKUP for Approximate Matches
Demo - A-3: Using VLOOKUP to Find an Approximate Match
HLOOKUP for Exact Matches
Demo - A-4: Using HLOOKUP to Find Exact Matches
HLOOKUP for Approximate Matches
Demo - A-5: Using HLOOKUP to Find Approximate Matches

Topic B: Using MATCH and INDEX
The MATCH Function
Demo - B-1: Using the MATCH Function
The INDEX Function
Demo - B-2: Using the INDEX Function

Topic C: Creating Data Tables
One-Variable Data Tables
Demo - C-1: Creating a One-variable Data Table
Two-Variable Data Tables
Demo - C-2: Creating a Two-variable Data Table
Unit 19 Review
Unit 20 - Advanced Data Management
Topic A: Validating Cell Entries
 Data Validation
Demo - A-1: Observing Data Validation
Setting Data Validation Rules
Demo - A-2: Setting Up Data Validation
Using Date Criteria
Demo - A-3: Setting Date and List Validations

Topic B: Exploring Database Functions
Structure of Database Functions
Demo - B-1: Examining the Structure of Database Functions
Demo - B-2: Using the DSUM Function
Unit 20 Review
Unit 21 - PivotTables and PivotCharts
Topic A: Working with PivotTables
A Sample PivotTable
Creating a PivotTable
Demo - A-1: Creating a PivotTable
Adding Fields
Demo - A-2: Adding Fields to a PivotTable
Inserting a Slicer
A PivotTable with Slicers
Demo - A-3: Using Slicers to Filter PivotTable Data

Topic B: Rearranging PivotTables
Moving Fields
Demo - B-1: Moving Fields
Hiding Details
Expanding a Collapsed Range
Demo - B-2: Collapsing and Expanding Fields
Refreshing Data
Demo - B-3: Refreshing the Data in a PivotTable

Topic C: Formatting PivotTables
Using Styles
Demo - C-1: Applying a PivotTable Style
Changing Field Settings
Value Field Settings Dialog Box
Demo - C-2: Changing Field Settings

Topic D: PivotCharts
Creating PivotCharts
A Sample PivotChart
Demo - D-1: Creating a PivotChart
Unit 21 Review
Unit 22 - Exporting and Importing
Topic A: Exporting and Importing Text Files
Using the Save As Command
Demo - A-1: Exporting Excel Data to a Text File
Importing Data
Demo - A-2: Importing Data from a Text File into a Workbook
The Text Import Wizard
Converting Text to Columns
Demo - A-3: Converting Text to Columns
Removing Duplicates
Demo - A-4: Removing Duplicate Records

Topic B: Exporting and Importing XML Data
The XML Maps Dialog Box
The XML Source Pane
Importing XML Data
Exporting Data to an XML File
Deleting XML Maps

Topic C: Querying External Databases
Using Microsoft Query
Demo - C-1: Getting External Data from Microsoft Query
Web Query
Retrieving Data from a Web Page
Demo - C-2: Using a Web Query to Get Data from the Web
Unit 22 Review
Unit 23 - Analytical Tools
Topic A: Goal Seek and Solver
Using the Goal Seek Utility
Demo - A-1: Using Goal Seek to Solve for a Single Variable
Activating Add-Ins
The Add-Ins Dialog Box
The Solver Parameters Dialog Box
Demo - A-3: Using Solver to Solve for Multiple Variables

Topic B: The Analysis ToolPak
Using the Sampling Analysis Tool
Demo - B-1: Using the Sampling Analysis Tool

Topic C: Scenarios
Creating a Scenario
Demo - C-1: Creating Scenarios
Switching Among Scenarios
Merging Scenarios
A Sample Scenario Summary

Topic D: View
Creating Views
Demo - D-1: Creating Views
Switching Among Custom Views
Demo - D-2: Switching Among Views
Unit 23 Review
Unit 24 - Macros and Custom Functions
Topic A: Running and Recording a Macro
Running Macros
Demo - A-1: Running a Macro
Recording Macros
Demo - A-2: Recording a Macro
Assigning Macros to Buttons
Demo - A-3: Assigning a Macro to a Button

Topic B: Working with VBA Code
VBA Code
Observing VBA Code
Demo - B-1: Observing a VBA Code Module
Example of Editing VBA Code
Demo - B-2: Editing VBA Code

Topic C: Creating Functions
Function Procedures
Demo - C-1: Creating a Custom Function
Unit 24 Review
Unit 25 - Conditional Formatting and SmartArt Graphics
Topic A: Conditional Formatting with Graphics
Data Bars
Conditional Formatting Rules Manager
Demo - A-1: Creating Data Bars
Color Scales
Demo - A-2: Using Color Scales
Icon Sets
Demo - A-3: Creating Icon Sets

Topic B: SmartArt Graphics
Creating SmartArt Graphics
Demo - B-1: Inserting a SmartArt Graphic
Quick Style and Bevel Effects
Demo - B-2: Modifying a SmartArt Graphic
Unit 25 Review
Course Closure

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